Monastery of Ayios Georgios Vrachasiotis

Monastery of Ayios Georgios Vrachasiotis

Route from the Monastery Ayios Georgios Vrachasiotis to the forest of Akilakes in the mountains above Malia. The old monastery of Ayios Georgios Vrahassotis is located in a really wonderful and forest location, Four kilometres beyond Vrahassi as well as Five kilometres within the national highway Heraklion – Ayios Nikolaos. However the asphalt road works remain awaiting, the off-road route is usually in a very excellent condition as well as the way is perfect for wandering. On the subsequent mountain route where you could march on foot or drive by jeep or quad bike, you can reach the Akilakes Forest… learn more

Elounda Crete Photos

Elounda port

Photos from Elounda, Crete Here you will find numerous pictures, which were taken in Elounda: learn more

Mosquitoes on Crete


Mosquitoes on Crete, prevention and defenses. Mosquitoes are found all over Crete, especially during the period from April to October – the main tourist season. This time is the ‘Kounoupi’ sky for mosquitoes. Especially in wind still, after a spring with lots of rain and mild winters, there are many mosquitoes. Although there are no known cases of transmission of a disease, they are still humming in the night and they leave itching stitches. The mosquitoes in Crete are of different genera than in Central Europe and the first stitch usually causes a violent itching with severe redness. Only after… learn more

Snow on Crete 2019

Snow on Crete 2019

Snow on Crete in 2019. Cold greetings Crete with the first snow of this winter on 8 January 2019 (and the first since 2016 here) ! learn more