Fortress of Spinalonga

Fortress of Spinalonga

Fortress of Spinalonga in the Gulf of Korfos At the north point of the Gulf of Korfos can be found the tiny isle of Spinalonga. On many maps the place is recognized by the identity Kalidona – a title utilized by the experts since the Fifteenth Century, however a title which the residents certainly not make use of. Today Spinalonge is an famous excursion destination for many visitors. There are a few solutions as to the way the isle took its name. The Venetian historian, Flaminios Komilios, named the island Spina Leonis which suggests ‘back of the lion’, and perhaps… learn more

Church Keragoniotissa

church Keragoniotissa

The Church of Virgin Mary ‘Keragoniotissa’ at Latsida. The church of the Virgin Mary ‘Keragoniotissa’ can be found close to the village of Latsida in the vicinity of Neapolis which is beautiful enclosed by oak trees they may have been here for hundreds of years. The church is devoted to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, a feast that is famous on August 15th each year. A short while ago, within a restoration work, numerous tombs were discovered outside and inside of the church. It is a tiny, barrel-vaulted, single-naved church. It features a stone carved door frame having a… learn more

Crete, largest island of Greece

Gulf of Merabellou

Presentation of Crete Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. The island is roofed by a number of great mountains which cross it. You will find penetrating valleys, gorges, ravines and various plateaus shaped between the mountains. Mountains and Plateaus The isle is covered with 3, significant mountain ranges and their branches. Towards the western side, in the Prefecture of Chania, is the big mountain complex of the White Mountains or Madares, the high­est peak to be Pachnes at 2,453 meters. Ida or Psiloreitis is in central Crete, the highest top being Timios… learn more

By car to Crete

car ferry at Venice

By car via Germany and Italy to Greece and on the island of Crete. As an alternative to the usual air travel, it is also possible to arrive on Crete by car. This journey is practically a part of the actual holiday, with much more sightseeing possibilities on the way and additional almost already a cruise. Anyone who has ever driven by car to Crete, basically has two options: On the one hand, only to use the shortest ferry routes, but all about driving your car much more – or – to spend most of the trip on the ship… learn more