Naval Museum

Naval Museum of Chania

The Naval Museum of Chania. The Naval Museum of Crete was first set up in Chania in 1973 and has already received an award from the Historical-Ethnological Society for its work. It is located at the entrance to the Venetian fortress ‘Firkas’, which dominated the port entrance. The displayed exhibits in the Naval Museum are fascinating, especially for the enthusiast, because of their numerous, marvelous ship models as well as dioramas and old maps of the Venetian Chania as well as ancient sea battles. The two-storey museum has 13 exhibition areas ranging from ancient times to the Battle of Crete.… learn more

Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium at Gournes. At Gournes, 10 miles east of Heraklion, the most frequently developed coastline is interrupted. There, to the west of the village of Gournes, a former air force base of the US Air Force awaits its rehabilitation and revitalization. So far only the Gournes Animal Shelter and the Crete Aquarium were built, which are surrounded by destroyed fences and crumbling roadways. The Crete Aquarium is the most spectacular marine aquarium on Crete and the signposts from the highway can hardly be overlooked. The Crete Aquarium has 30 tanks, some of which are huge, and houses almost all… learn more


Titos church in Gortis

Gortys, the destroyed Roman city on Crete. History of Gortys Gortys was one of the most important cities on Crete until its complete destruction by the Saracens in 823-827. The city was laid out on both sides of the river Lithaios and existed since the Minoan period. At first Gortys did not play an important role, but is mentioned by Homer and Pausanias. In the 8th century BC Gortys became an important economic metropolis under the rule of the Dorians. Gortys finally conquered its former ruler Festos and thus became the most important city in the Mesara plain with the… learn more

Bus Timetable

bus station of Aghios Nikolaos

Bus Timetable Summer Season 2019. The bus timetable for the summer season 2019 for East Crete. All links between Heraklion, Malia, Aghios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Sitia, Elounda and the surrounding area. The departure times refer mostly to the local bus station. In the case of intervening bus stops, it is always possible to expect traffic-related, normal deviations from the arrival of the buses. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information (as of 28 May 2019). Alternatively, you can also use a taxi or get a rental car. learn more