Sitia – one of the most beautiful places


Sitia, one of the most beautiful places in Crete. Sitia is one of the most beautiful, cleanest, cheapest, with many hotels and also animal friendly cities in Crete. Much like an amphitheater built on the back of the hill of the same name, recalls the town to places in Italy. That is not so very surprising, since the region was under Italian influence during the expulsion of the Turks and the reconstruction of the city in late 19th century, and during the Venetian period in the Middle Ages, as well as during the occupation in WW2. It’s not totally sure… learn more

Palace of Malia

Palace of Malia

Visit to the Palace of Malia. A turn-off left behind the modern town of Malia on the highway from Heraklion to Aghios Nikolaos ends up in the archeological site of Malia and the remains of the Minoan city. The original title of the city as well as the Palace of Malia aren’t remembered, their title simply being used from the neighboring town. Greek mythologies make reference that Sarpedon, the brother of Minos and the son of Zeus and Europa, governed there. Appreciate the fact a human pre­sence here from the Neolithic time, as can be witnessed from the handful of… learn more

Lasithi Plateau

Lasithi plateau

Trip to Lasithi Plateau. Directions with map, information, pictures and video about the plateau, Diktaion (Psychros, Zeus) Cave, Kronio Cave, town ruins of Karfi, monastery Vidani. Trips on the plateau are also offered by bus, where the view of the white, covered with canvas windmills are promised. In fact, there are only a few of these traditional windmills left that operate for a limited time or are located next to taverns as a tourist attraction. Nevertheless, a trip to the Lasithi plateau is definitely recommended. And if you even stay overnight, you will be able to enjoy the tranquility of… learn more

By car to Crete

car ferry at Venice

By car via Germany and Italy to Greece and on the island of Crete. As an alternative to the usual air travel, it is also possible to arrive on Crete by car. This journey is practically a part of the actual holiday, with much more sightseeing possibilities on the way and additional almost already a cruise. Anyone who has ever driven by car to Crete, basically has two options: On the one hand, only to use the shortest ferry routes, but all about driving your car much more – or – to spend most of the trip on the ship… learn more