Olous, the sunken ancient city. One kilometer east of Elounda, near the windmills on the peninsula of Spinalonga under the clear blue sea, sleeps the sunken ancient city of Olous. In today’s place name of Elounda lives the ancient Greek term ‘Olous’. On a day with dormant winds and waves it is possible to see the ruins of the famous city under the water level, next to the chapel of Anlipsis. Olous was one of the approximately one hundred cities, which existed in Crete already in the Minoan age from approximately 3,000 to 900 BC. Olous became later the port… learn more

Cretan Cuisine

classical Greek gyros

Eating and drinking in Crete. Cretan cuisine is an independent type of Greek food and drink. Like everything in Crete, the cuisine is simple but delicious and above all healthy. Regional specialities can be found on Crete and the quality and selection of the products produced on the island by different, smaller producers provides for various palate pleasures. One of the highlights of the trip through Crete is to stop at a family run tavern where you can enjoy authentic Cretan cuisine and the dishes are prepared with fresh, home-harvested products, where you can smell the wild aromatic smells of… learn more

Arhanes, south of Heraklion

vineyard area south of Heraklion

Aqueduct, burial ground at Fourni, Arhanes, Minoan megaron of Vathypetro. Sightseeing south of Heraklion: Aqueduct of Heraklion If one drives from Heraklion via Knossos in the southern direction, one reach the Venetian bridge of Ayia Irini after about 4.2 miles (7 km), where the remains of an extraordinary aqueduct are visible, which once supplied Heraklion with fresh water. The aqueduct has a medieval or even ancient appearance, but is in reality not even two centuries old. It was built in the short time of the Egyptian administration of Crete in the years from 1832 to 1840. A little further, at… learn more

Fires on Crete

Firefighting helicopters for firefighting in Crete.

Fires on the island of Crete. Every summer there are serious fires on the island of Crete and throughout Greece. In part, they are causes of natural kind, but usually carelessness by open fire or even discarded cigarette. Unfortunately, however, it is also often the arson case, partly to make space for buildings available. Therefore, in the summer increased attention in dealing with open fires is necessary and signs of an emerging fire should be as soon as possible be reported to the authorities. The following photos are from fires and extinguishing work near Elounda in recent years. learn more