Cretan folklore dances

Folklore, traditional dances, festivals and celebrations in Crete. This great island of Crete, whose population could never be finally subjected by any conqueror, has always been sung, revered, and soaked with blood. Crete has a rich landscape with a great aura and its inhabitants have an extended, proud and masculine character and, in certain areas, the heart of small children who welcome all foreigners with love and kindness. But this extended character trait, with its great wealth of folklore, shows its original form only outside the big cities of the island and should not be expected in the centers of… learn more


Top at Karfi

Minoan settlement Karfi on Lasithi plateau Karfi is a crucial Minoan village east of Diaselou tis Ampelou (Seli) which is placed at the borders of the areas of Heraklion and Lasithi. The village was constructed on the eastern section of the magnificent limestone outcropping and experts say it populated the entire level space amongst the highs Small and Big Koprana and housed around 3,500 residents. The title Karfi (Nail), is unusual and it was assigned afterward because its authentic historic title was ‘forgotten’. The village started in the period when the Minoans were pursued aside by the Dorian people who… learn more


old town of Malia

Malia stands on Crete for sun, beach, quad bikes and parties all night. Malia is possibly the most crippled place on Crete and is often considered to be brash, businesslike and with wild stories about the nightlife. The beach, long and sandy as it is, is sometimes grotesquely crowded. After these prejudices are listed, however, it can also be a great place for the holiday, as long as you are willing to adapt to the course of things, i.e. party throughout the night and sleeping during the day. In addition, the extra of a traditional village that existed before the… learn more

Products from Greece

The most popular and best products from Crete and Greece ! See larger image Additional Images: Elea Creta Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil 3lt Tin can Features: Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Crete. New harvest !!!, Great Taste Gold Award 2012. Elea Creta products are ISO 22000, IFS and HACCP certified, Traditional Greek flavor. Deep, bright green colour and a fruity, bittersweet taste hints, Very low acidity (0,5) , rich content of polyphenoles, high nutritional value, Greek natural product, Mediterranean Diet. Suitable for Vegetarians. Elea Creta, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, 3lt, Tin can: Coming from… learn more