Tropical Beach of Malia

Tropical Beach of Malia

Fantastic sandy beach east of Malia. The ‘Tropical Beach’ of Malia is a wonderful sandy beach, which lies east of the built-up area near the Palace of Malia. One can easily reach the Tropical Beach by bus from Malia. This is the same direction as to the palace ruins. Behind the beach is an access road with parking on the side. At the eastern end behind the beach, parking is also possible on a site. Per scooter, quad bike or car hire , the Tropical Beach Malia is easy to reach. On foot it is only a good 45 minutes… learn more


mighty city walls with the 'Jesus gate'

Heraklion, the capital of Crete. Following the end of WW2 , Heraklion expanded at a fast tempo, primarily around 1950-1960, because of the touristic expansion of the area and whole Crete. So, many hotels in Heraklion have been established alongside tourist facilities and museums. It is a modern-day city, industrial and commercial along with the agri­cultural heart of the central and eastern island. In front of the city is the island of Dia located, to which sailing trips are available. The guest to the Heraklion might begin from Eleftherias Square, the location where the Archeological Museum is at the start… learn more


esplanade of Hersonisos

Hersonisos is one of the best developed resorts on Crete. The coastal town of Hersonisos (or even Chersonisou) is one of the most developed resorts on Crete with numerous luxurious hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and also rural tavernas in the original place. The seaside resort is actually only the port of the original village still located in the hinterland and is strictly speaking Limin Hersonisos. History During the ancient times the town of Hersonisos was colonized by the Tyrrhenians, who occupied the city of Lyttos. The colonists brought a wooden figure from Artemis and built a temple to their honor,… learn more


old town of Malia

Malia stands on Crete for sun, beach, quad bikes and parties all night. Malia is possibly the most crippled place on Crete and is often considered to be brash, businesslike and with wild stories about the nightlife. The beach, long and sandy as it is, is sometimes grotesquely crowded. After these prejudices are listed, however, it can also be a great place for the holiday, as long as you are willing to adapt to the course of things, i.e. party throughout the night and sleeping during the day. In addition, the extra of a traditional village that existed before the… learn more