Ierapetra, the southernmost city of Europe with the mildest climate and most hours of sunshine. To Ierapetra you drive from Aghios Nikolaos through a plain that is intensively planted with olive trees. 5 miles before Ieraperta is the village of Episkopi, the previous seat of the Diocese of Ierapetra and Sitia. Ierapetra been named as after the nymph of the Libyan Sea, and is among the most remarkable cities in Crete, the 4th greatest in inhabitants and the most southern city in Greece and Europe. History of Ierapetra For the duration of ancient times the original city of Koryva or … learn more

Snow on Crete 2017

Snow on Crete

Snow on Crete in 2017. The winter 2016-2017 is a particularly hard one on Crete. So there was already ‘white Christmas’, ‘New Year’ and today – on January 8, 2017 – it was so long and strong that the two Rescue puppies Simba and Ali had their first ‘snow baptism’ in the mountains.

Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi monastery

Arkadi, the symbol of Cretan will of freedom. The 9th of November is National Day of Crete with a large procession the previous day, which reminds of the dramatic events in the uprising against the Turks of 1866 in Arkadi Monastery. The Arkadi Monastery can be reached from Rethymno by following the old National Road through the eastern suburbs. After 4.5 km turn right towards the monastery. The good road passes through the villages of Adele, Kyrianna and Amnantos and after 23 km you will reach in a breathtaking landscape of olive groves with a narrow gorge. When you pass … learn more