Monastery of St George Sellinari

Monastery of St George Sellinari and gorge. The holy monastery of Saint George at Sellinari is for monks and is located in the middle of the gorge Sellinari, on the way from Malia to Neapoli. Directly in front of the monastery runs the new highway and also the old national road, which leads from Heraklion to Aghios Nikolaos. For this reason, the monastery can receive many visitors every day, since in the past, the abundance has made sure that anyone who crosses the gorge and does not stop at Sellinari monastery is haunted by bad luck. This is why, since… learn more



Neapoli, one of the most beautiful cities on Crete with the ancient Dorian mountain town of Driros. Neapoli is one of the most beautiful cities – not only of the prefecture of Lasithi but on the whole of Crete. It is conveniently located in the middle of the lush, green Skafi basin on the Gulf of Mirabello and is still an important administrative seat of the region. From here it is only 21 miles (35 km) to the Lasithi Plateau, as well as a short distance to Aghios Nikolaos and Elounda on the Gulf of Mirabello or to Malia in… learn more

Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi monastery

Arkadi, the symbol of Cretan will of freedom. The 9th of November is National Day of Crete with a large procession the previous day, which reminds of the dramatic events in the uprising against the Turks of 1866 in Arkadi Monastery. The Arkadi Monastery can be reached from Rethymno by following the old National Road through the eastern suburbs. After 4.5 km turn right towards the monastery. The good road passes through the villages of Adele, Kyrianna and Amnantos and after 23 km you will reach in a breathtaking landscape of olive groves with a narrow gorge. When you pass… learn more

Aghios Ioannis Peninsula

Coastal section on the Agios Ioannis peninsula.

The wild and untapped Agios Ioannis peninsula. The triangular peninsula of Aghios Ioannis – north of Aghios Nikolaos and inland from Elounda – is surprisingly wild and not very crowded. Narrow streets are leading along secluded agricultural hamlets and small villages. The section of the main national road from Heraklion, which runs from Malia via Neapoli to Aghios Nikolaos, marks the southern boundary of the peninsula of Aghios Ioannis. If one follows the national main road, one first reach the gorge of Sellinari, where the travelers traditionally stop and pray to Saint George for a safe passage. This impressive road,… learn more