Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium at Gournes. At Gournes, 10 miles east of Heraklion, the most frequently developed coastline is interrupted. There, to the west of the village of Gouves, a former air force base of the US Air Force awaits its rehabilitation and revitalization. So far only the Gouves Animal Shelter and the Crete Aquarium were built, which are surrounded by destroyed fences and crumbling roadways. The Crete Aquarium is the most spectacular marine aquarium on Crete and the signposts from the highway can hardly be overlooked. The Crete Aquarium has 30 tanks, some of which are huge in size, and houses… learn more


Titos church in Gortis

Gortys, the destroyed Roman city on Crete. History of Gortys Gortys was one of the most important cities on Crete until its complete destruction by the Saracens in 823-827. The city was laid out on both sides of the river Lithaios and existed since the Minoan period. At first Gortys did not play an important role, but is mentioned by Homer and Pausanias. In the 8th century BC Gortys became an important economic metropolis under the rule of the Dorians. Gortys finally conquered its former ruler Festos and thus became the most important city in the Mesara plain with the… learn more

Beach holiday and climates

Swimming on the south coast at Ierapetra

Water temperatures, climatic data and information about beach holiday in Crete. For a beach holiday in Crete it is best to go from June to September. At this time, the sea has a really pleasant bathing temperature of 72 to 75 °F (22°-24 °C), while the temperature of the air is usually between 75 and 86 °F (24-30 °C). Inland, it is very hot during this time, but on the coast there is often a refreshing breeze from the north-west, which makes it difficult for swimming on many days at wind speeds over 9 mph (15 km/h) due to the… learn more

Greek Orthodox Easter Celebrations

Midnight Mass

Easter in Crete. Easter is the most significant festival in Greece and has the importance of Christmas in Western Europe. Every Greek is trying to be at the celebrations in his hometown and also many Greeks from abroad are travelling to Crete or other locations in Greece. There are also many tourists who want to have an experience about the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations on Crete, from where are the pictures further down are coming. Although the date of Easter of the Orthodox Church is also defined as in Western Christendom (first Sunday after the full moon spring), the dates… learn more