Cretan folklore dances

Folklore, traditional dances and costumes, festivals and celebrations in Crete. This extended character trait of the island shows its original form only outside the cities and should not be expected in the centers of tourism. This great island of Crete, whose population could never be finally subjected by any conqueror, has always been sung, revered, and soaked with blood. Crete has a rich landscape with a great aura and its inhabitants have an extended, proud and masculine character and, in certain areas, the heart of small children who welcome all foreigners with love and kindness. But this extended character trait,… learn more

Eddy Winter live in Istro

Eddy Winter live

Eddy Winter: Live performance at the Taverna Porto Kanaki in Pachia Ammos (Istro, Gulf of Mirabellou on Crete) on 16 November 2019. The German musician Eddy Winter now lives on Crete and had a strong and entertaining live performance at the Pop and Rock Music Night on Saturday 16 November 2019 for more than three hours at the Taverna Porto Kanaki in Pachia Ammos at Istro, the southern end of the Gulf of Mirabellou. He was able to carry along with the numerous guests more and more. Eddy Winter received his first drums at the age of 11 and soon… learn more

Oxi Day

Oxi Day

The Oxi (No) Day on Crete. October 28th is a national holiday throughout Greece and at the same time the annual tourist season comes to an end. On 28 October 1940 the Greek dictator Metaxas rejected Mussolini’s ultimatum with a short Oxi (No), after which the Italian army attacked Greece from Albania. This soon ended in a severe Italian defeat and forced Hitler to go on the Balkans campaign half a year later. learn more

Cretan Cuisine

optically delicious Gyros

Eating and drinking in Crete. Cretan cuisine is an independent type of Greek food and drink. Like everything in Crete, the cuisine is simple but delicious and above all healthy. Regional specialties can be found on Crete and the quality and selection of the products produced on the island by different, smaller producers provides for various palate pleasures. One of the highlights of the trip through Crete is to stop at a family run tavern where you can enjoy authentic Cretan cuisine and the dishes are prepared with fresh, home-harvested products, where you can smell the wild aromatic smells of… learn more

Greek Orthodox Easter Celebrations

Midnight Mass

Easter in Crete. Easter is the most significant festival in Greece and has the importance of Christmas in Western Europe. Every Greek is trying to be at the celebrations in his hometown and also many Greeks from abroad are travelling to Crete or other locations in Greece. There are also many tourists who want to have an experience about the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations on Crete, from where are the pictures further down are coming. Although the date of Easter of the Orthodox Church is also defined as in Western Christendom (first Sunday after the full moon spring), the dates… learn more