Byzantine church Aghios Pandeleimon

Aghios Pandeleimon

Aghios Pandeleimon church at Pigi (close to Kastelli). The main town of the region Pedhiadha is Kastelli – or since there are more than one on Crete Kastelli Pedhiadhos – is really an enjoyable location to stay for a short time. Mainly an agricultural heart whose wealth stems from the olive groves and vineyards scattered over the neighboring slopes, the village goes a unique way, generally untouched by the tourist places on the shoreline. Nevertheless there is a solid taverna as well as quiet places to stay, faraway from the madding mass. On the other hand the center of attention… learn more


old town of Malia

Malia stands on Crete for sun, beach, quad bikes and parties all night. Malia is possibly the most crippled place on Crete and is often considered to be brash, businesslike and with wild stories about the nightlife. The beach, long and sandy as it is, is sometimes grotesquely crowded. After these prejudices are listed, however, it can also be a great place for the holiday, as long as you are willing to adapt to the course of things, i.e. party throughout the night and sleeping during the day. In addition, the extra of a traditional village that existed before the… learn more


Monastery of St George Sellinari

Monastery of St George Sellinari and gorge. The holy monastery of Saint George at Sellinari is for monks and is located in the middle of the gorge Sellinari, on the way from Malia to Neapoli. Directly in front of the monastery runs the new highway and also the old national road, which leads from Heraklion to Aghios Nikolaos. For this reason, the monastery can receive many visitors every day, since in the past, the abundance has made sure that anyone who crosses the gorge and does not stop at Sellinari monastery is haunted by bad luck. This is why, since… learn more


esplanade of Hersonisos

Hersonisos is one of the best developed resorts on Crete. The coastal town of Hersonisos (or even Chersonisou) is one of the most developed resorts on Crete with numerous luxurious hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and also rural tavernas in the original place. The seaside resort is actually only the port of the original village still located in the hinterland and is strictly speaking Limin Hersonisos. History During the ancient times the town of Hersonisos was colonized by the Tyrrhenians, who occupied the city of Lyttos. The colonists brought a wooden figure from Artemis and built a temple to their honor,… learn more


Palace of Festos

Palace of Festos overlooking the Mesara plain. After about 4 1/4 miles (7 km) in western direction from the destroyed, former Roman provincial capital Gortys and the small town of Mires, one reaches the ruins of the Palace of Festos. The palace is particularly impressive and, unlike Knossos, have not been restored. Also the magnificent location of the palace on a hill above the Mesara plain and overlooking the often snow-capped peaks of the Psiloritis mountains makes the visit worthwhile. History Festos was one of the oldest and most important cities on Crete. At the time of the peak of… learn more

Arhanes, south of Heraklion

vineyard area south of Heraklion

Aqueduct, burial ground at Fourni, Arhanes, Minoan megaron of Vathypetro. Sightseeing south of Heraklion: Aqueduct of Heraklion If one drives from Heraklion via Knossos in the southern direction, one reach the Venetian bridge of Ayia Irini after about 4.2 miles (7 km), where the remains of an extraordinary aqueduct are visible, which once supplied Heraklion with fresh water. The aqueduct has a medieval or even ancient appearance, but is in reality not even two centuries old. It was built in the short time of the Egyptian administration of Crete in the years from 1832 to 1840. A little further, at… learn more


Palace of Knossos

Knossos, the largest Minoan palace. Knossos is located about 3 miles south of Heraklion on a flat, largely artificially constructed hill, which was known in ancient times under the name ‘Tselepi’ or ‘Kefala’. There is by far the largest of the Minoan palaces found so far. There are also offers for guided tours to Knossos by bus and hotel transfer available. History The area was settled at least since the Neolithic period around 6,000 BC. By the end of this period around 3,000 BC it was a larger settlement in a lush area on fertile soil, which was described by… learn more



Matala, the hippy sandstone caves on the Libyan Sea. Location of Matala From the Palace of Festos there is a turn-off to Matala, which is 7 miles away. Before you reach Pitsidia after 4 miles and after another mile you will notice a dirt road which leads to the right to Kommos, the old port of Festos. This settlement flourished from the Neopalatial period to the Romans. During the excavations, a sacred complex with surrounding buildings were discovered, which dates back to the 1st century AD. The buildings in the southwest were probably warehouses or port facilities. 7 miles further… learn more

Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium at Gournes. At Gournes, 10 miles east of Heraklion, the most frequently developed coastline is interrupted. There, to the west of the village of Gouves, a former air force base of the US Air Force awaits its rehabilitation and revitalization. So far only the Gouves Animal Shelter and the Crete Aquarium were built, which are surrounded by destroyed fences and crumbling roadways. The Crete Aquarium is the most spectacular marine aquarium on Crete and the signposts from the highway can hardly be overlooked. The Crete Aquarium has 30 tanks, some of which are huge in size, and houses… learn more


Titos church in Gortis

Gortys, the destroyed Roman city on Crete. History of Gortys Gortys was one of the most important cities on Crete until its complete destruction by the Saracens in 823-827. The city was laid out on both sides of the river Lithaios and existed since the Minoan period. At first Gortys did not play an important role, but is mentioned by Homer and Pausanias. In the 8th century BC Gortys became an important economic metropolis under the rule of the Dorians. Gortys finally conquered its former ruler Festos and thus became the most important city in the Mesara plain with the… learn more