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The most popular and best products from Crete and Greece ! See larger image Additional Images: Elea Creta Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil 3lt Tin can Features: Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Crete. New harvest !!!, Great Taste Gold Award 2012. Elea Creta products are ISO 22000, IFS and HACCP certified, Traditional Greek flavor. Deep, bright green colour and a fruity, bittersweet taste hints, Very low acidity (0,5) , rich content of polyphenoles, high nutritional value, Greek natural product, Mediterranean Diet. Suitable for Vegetarians. Elea Creta, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, 3lt, Tin can: Coming from… learn more

Car Hire

Suzuki Jimny Cabriolet SUV

Tips and Hints for Car Hire on Crete. Getting a rental car in Crete is pretty easy. This can be done online or by telephone without any problems. It is even possible to visit one of the many car rentals on Crete in person and have a rental car after a short time. Even if the reservation is only made at the last moment, you can be quite sure to get a car – though perhaps not at the best possible price or a specific vehicle model. As Crete is the largest island of Greece with more than 3,000 sq… learn more