Ha Gorge

The imposing Ha gorge near Ierapetra.

entrance to the Ha gorge

The entrance to the Ha gorge with the water-trough in the center below.

A particular major characteristic around the city of Ierapetra, ahead of the lovely town of Vassiliki certainly is the Ha Gorge. It is undoubtedly one of the wildest gorges on Crete, an uncommon morphological sensation of mother nature herself, most likely a result of tectonic earth quake.

It continues as a pure ecosystem, unchanged by humans, who nevertheless realizes its structure beyond reach for discovery or expansion.

Not many skilled climbers have surpassed the Ha gorge. Virtually any effort with no knowledge or even the tools could prove deadly, as it occurred previously.

The entrance of the Ha gorge is quite slim, regarding 3 meters and starts at the top. Its size in several places is just 30cm (c. 1 feet) as well as in others a maximum of 3 meters. To the left and right stand massive rock walls 200 meters to 400 meters huge. Its distance is approximately 1km.

Prior to the entrance there is a groove, made by a tiny fountain , which comes away from an additional pond above. This isn’t observable from the basement of the mountain however, you could view at it after you climb up several stones with care.

The brilliant simultaneous colours on the stones are remarkable, as well.

While you get hiking to the inside one could see numerous such tiny ponds as well as waterfalls, mainly in the winter season, the best idea for a period to explore the gorge.

While you move forward inside you are stuffed with amazing, as massive stones, decline in square or quadratique pieces darkness the little area, you merely abandoned.
Some time ago, the mountain of Thrypti had been overgrown along with pinus radiata forests, a genuine decoration to all of Crete. The biggest section of the woodlands was burned down in the past. Nevertheless the potential of the particular species (pinus Brutia) in order to regrow quickly as well as withstand shortage would certainly rapidly provide complete recovery, if it was not for the outlawed herding of sheep along with goats.

In addition to the pinus radiata forests, in addition there are all kinds of other species, trees, plants and good smelling flowers. Numerous uncommon and vulnerable flower kinds tend to be protected within the gorge.

The location inside and around the gorge is an extremely essential wild animals habitat. The tiny ponds attract numerous migrant birds, but additionally native to the island wild birds as well as animals, insects and serpents providing them food and housing.

Ha gorge in winter

The Ha gorge in winter with threatening clouds appearing above.

The cretan rabbit, weasel as well as the badger are usually common. A mouse from the african wildlife may be discovered: the spiny mouse, that appears just like a well-known mouse, along with brownish hair, white-colored around the belly along with spikes on its rear and sides much like the hedgehog. The hedgehog is additionally typical and is portected by Greek animal welfare law. Within the gorge numerous kinds of bats are also located.
A number of hunting wild birds and vultures inhabit the region of Thrypti, not to mention tinier wild birds, such as the duckhawk, the partridge, the quail, woodcocks, red-colored nightingales and crows.

The quantity of species is important, however the amounts of the individuals tend to be reducing, because of the progressive control of human within the natural environment. Outlawed hunting, fast driving cars and harming from pesticide present a critical risk to every one of of them.

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