Crete Tip News:

Fires on Crete

Firefighting helicopters for firefighting in Crete.

Fires on the island of Crete. Every summer there are serious fires on the island of Crete and throughout Greece. In part, they are causes of natural kind, but usually carelessness by open fire or even discarded cigarette. Unfortunately, however, it is also often the arson case, partly to make space for buildings available. Therefore, in the summer increased attention in dealing with open fires is necessary and signs of an emerging fire should be as soon as possible be reported to the authorities. The following photos are from fires and extinguishing work near Elounda in recent years. learn more

Bus Timetable

bus station of Aghios Nikolaos

Bus Timetable Summer Season 2018. The bus timetable for the summer season 2018 (valid from May 14, 2018) for East Crete. All links between Heraklion, Malia, Aghios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Sitia, Elounda and the surrounding area. The departure times refer mostly to the local bus station. In the case of intervening bus stops, it is always possible to expect traffic-related, normal deviations from the arrival of the buses. All statements without guarantee. Alternatively, you can also use a taxi or get a rental car. learn more

Merry Xmas 2017 !


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2018 ! learn more

Ierapetra Plot for Sale

Plot Ierapetra

Property (Plot) for sale in Ierapetra. FOR SALE: PROPERTY (PLOT) IERAPETRA CITY Papanoytsoy Street 625 m² (748 sq.yd) 130,000 € This plot could also be used for construction of bigger buildings. For sale direct from owner. Contact please by E-mail: [email protected] Google Map Earth Satellite Image: Plot Ierapetra Pictures: Directions learn more

Snow on Crete 2017

Snow on Crete

Snow on Crete in 2017. The winter 2016-2017 is a particularly hard one on Crete. So there was already ‘white Christmas’, ‘New Year’ and today – on January 8, 2017 – it was so long and strong that the two Rescue puppies Simba and Ali had their first ‘snow baptism’ in the mountains. learn more

Taxi Fares

Buses and taxis

Taxi fares starting from the airport Heraklion for the summer season 2016. Directly when you leave the airport building of Heraklion after arrival, you stand in front of the taxi stand. The taxi drivers are willing to bring guests to every imaginable destination in Crete. Especially with 3 or – with children 4 – people this can be faster, cheaper and above all more comfortable than by bus. Of course, it may be easier and cheaper for longer distances and shorter stays of about 7 days, to rent a car direct at the airport from one of the various car… learn more

Merry X-mas

Cretan Santa Claus

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016 from Crete ! learn more


Syriza Oxi

OXI or OCHI The ‘No’ at the local Syriza party office before the vote on the referendum, which is in fact probably a convenient for or against the Euro. learn more

Elections in Greece

Ballots election in Greece 2015

A selection of the ballot for today’s election in Greece From top left to bottom right: Potami (The River), SYRIZA (Tsirpas), Communists, Nea Deomokratia (Samaras), Pasok, Golden Dawn (Fascists). learn more

Snow on Crete

Blocked road because of snow on Crete.

As can be seen on the photos, today there was an exceptional amount of snow on the otherwise sunny Mediterranean island of Crete ! learn more