Matala, the hippy sandstone caves on the Libyan Sea. Location of Matala From the Palace of Festos there is a turn-off to Matala, which is 7 miles away. Before you reach Pitsidia after 4 miles and after another mile you will notice a dirt road which leads to the right to Kommos, the old port of Festos. This settlement flourished from the Neopalatial period to the Romans. During the excavations, a sacred complex with surrounding buildings were discovered, which dates back to the 1st century AD. The buildings in the southwest were probably warehouses or port facilities. 7 miles further… learn more

Lasithi Plateau

Lasithi plateau

Trip to Lasithi Plateau. Directions with map, information, pictures and video about the plateau, Diktaion (Psychros, Zeus) Cave, Kronio Cave, town ruins of Karfi, monastery Vidani. At 5.2 miles (8.6km) on the old route from Aghios Nikolaos to Heraklion a turn-off left goes to the Lasithi plateau. We move through the Krasi valley. At 7.25 miles (12km) there exists a Junction with the street which comes from Neapoli. We make the left branch to the plateau. Right after one kilometer the street starts to twist and switch the way up the hills of the mountains. As the road is not… learn more

Milatos Cave

small church Milatos Cave

Cave of Milatos In February 1823, 2,500 women and children from the surrounding villages, along with 150 armed men, in order to avoid the army of Hashan Pasha who had his camp at Neapoli, came to the cave to be saved. He sent his son in-law Mohamed-Ali-Hushein-Bei with 5,000 soldiers to capture them alive. The siege lasted for 22 days. The stink of the dead bodies was added to the artillery fire, the hunger and the thirst of the besieged. They could no longer bear it and they decided their heroic sally. Hushein forgot his vows. The Pasha gave orders… learn more