Top at Karfi

Minoan settlement Karfi on Lasithi plateau Karfi is a crucial Minoan village east of Diaselou tis Ampelou (Seli) which is placed at the borders of the areas of Heraklion and Lasithi. The village was constructed on the eastern section of the magnificent limestone outcropping and experts say it populated the entire level space amongst the highs Small and Big Koprana and housed around 3,500 residents. The title Karfi (Nail), is unusual and it was assigned afterward because its authentic historic title was ‘forgotten’. The village started in the period when the Minoans were pursued aside by the Dorian people who… learn more

Peninsula of Spinalonga

Peninsula of Spinalonga

Walks, hiking and sandy beaches on the peninsula of Spinalonga. In general, the island in front of Elounda is called ‘Peninsula of Spinalonga’ (meaning ‘long thorn’). Among the locals it is called ‘Kolikitha’, also to clearly distinguish it from the fortress island of Spinalonga. Actually ‘Kolikitha’ is no longer a peninsula, since, at the end of the 19th century, French engineers laid a small canal for boats through the marshy isthmus and built a bridge over it. Kolikitha Beach In the east you can reach almost the Kolikitha beach by a passable path by car. Near a small church, there… learn more



Lato, the best preserved mountain city of the Dorians on Crete. Location and history of Lato Just outside Kritsa, there is an asphalt road for about 2 1/2 miles to the archaeological site of Lato. Alternatively, the village of Chamilion, 2 1/2 miles west of Aghios Nikolaos on the signpost road to the Lasithi Plateau (and can be reached by bus or hired car), one can take a one hour hike in beautiful countryside along the signs to Lato. Lato was originally founded by the Dorians and existed until the classical age. The ruins are not much visited, as tourists… learn more


Titos church in Gortis

Gortys, the destroyed Roman city on Crete. History of Gortys Gortys was one of the most important cities on Crete until its complete destruction by the Saracens in 823-827. The city was laid out on both sides of the river Lithaios and existed since the Minoan period. At first Gortys did not play an important role, but is mentioned by Homer and Pausanias. In the 8th century BC Gortys became an important economic metropolis under the rule of the Dorians. Gortys finally conquered its former ruler Festos and thus became the most important city in the Mesara plain with the… learn more


Palace of Zakros

Palace of Zakros and Dead’s Gorge In the area of ​​Pano and Kato Zakros (‘upper’ and ‘lower’ Zakros), there were in the Protopalatial from 1900-1700 BC. a wide, large settlement, which is characterized by the tombs, which were found on the surrounding heights. Spratt was the first archaeologist who visited the area and mentioned Zakros in 1872. In 1901 the English archaeologist Hogarth dug on the side of the hill east of the location of the palace and discovered a settlement with buildings. In 1961, finally, Professor N. Platon began excavations on the eastern side of Agios Antonios and discovered… learn more

Lasithi hiking path

Lasithi hiking path E4

Exploring the hiking path E4 in the western part of the Lasithi plateau. Across the Lasithi plateau runs a network of trails, which aroused my interest. So I set out with my rescue dogs to a first reconnaissance trip in the northwestern part of the plateau. The starting point was the Northwest ring road, where a dirt road branches off in western direction between the village of Kato Metochi and the monastery Vidani – directly at the point where there is the sign for the monastery. After driving a few hundred yards the car was stopped because the specified trail… learn more

Ha Gorge

Ha gorge in winter

The imposing Ha gorge near Ierapetra A particular major characteristic around the city of Ierapetra, ahead of the lovely town of Vassiliki certainly is the Ha Gorge. It is undoubtedly one of the wildest gorges on Crete, an uncommon morphological sensation of mother nature herself, most likely a result of tectonic earth quake. It continues as a pure ecosystem, unchanged by humans, who nevertheless realizes its structure beyond reach for discovery or expansion. Not many skilled climbers have surpassed the Ha gorge. Virtually any effort with no knowledge or even the tools could prove deadly, as it occurred previously. The… learn more