Aghios Ioannis Peninsula

Coastal section on the Agios Ioannis peninsula.

The wild and untapped Agios Ioannis peninsula. The triangular peninsula of Aghios Ioannis – north of Aghios Nikolaos and inland from Elounda – is surprisingly wild and not very crowded. Narrow streets are leading along secluded agricultural hamlets and small villages. The section of the main national road from Heraklion, which runs from Malia via Neapoli to Aghios Nikolaos, marks the southern boundary of the peninsula of Aghios Ioannis. If one follows the national main road, one first reach the gorge of Sellinari, where the travelers traditionally stop and pray to Saint George for a safe passage. This impressive road,… learn more

Arhanes, south of Heraklion

vineyard area south of Heraklion

Aqueduct, burial ground at Fourni, Arhanes, Minoan megaron of Vathypetro. Sightseeing south of Heraklion: Aqueduct of Heraklion If one drives from Heraklion via Knossos in the southern direction, one reach the Venetian bridge of Ayia Irini after about 4.2 miles (7 km), where the remains of an extraordinary aqueduct are visible, which once supplied Heraklion with fresh water. The aqueduct has a medieval or even ancient appearance, but is in reality not even two centuries old. It was built in the short time of the Egyptian administration of Crete in the years from 1832 to 1840. A little further, at… learn more

Peninsula of Spinalonga

Peninsula of Spinalonga

Walks, hiking and sandy beaches on the peninsula of Spinalonga. In general, the island in front of Elounda is called ‘Peninsula of Spinalonga’ (meaning ‘long thorn’). Among the locals it is called ‘Kolikitha’, also to clearly distinguish it from the fortress island of Spinalonga. Actually ‘Kolikitha’ is no longer a peninsula, since, at the end of the 19th century, French engineers laid a small canal for boats through the marshy isthmus and built a bridge over it. Kolikitha Beach In the east you can reach almost the Kolikitha beach by a passable path by car. Near a small church, there… learn more


Titos church in Gortis

Gortys, the destroyed Roman city on Crete. History of Gortys Gortys was one of the most important cities on Crete until its complete destruction by the Saracens in 823-827. The city was laid out on both sides of the river Lithaios and existed since the Minoan period. At first Gortys did not play an important role, but is mentioned by Homer and Pausanias. In the 8th century BC Gortys became an important economic metropolis under the rule of the Dorians. Gortys finally conquered its former ruler Festos and thus became the most important city in the Mesara plain with the… learn more

Monastery of Ayios Georgios Vrachasiotis

Monastery of Ayios Georgios Vrachasiotis

Route from the Monastery Ayios Georgios Vrachasiotis to the forest of Akilakes in the mountains above Malia. The old monastery of Ayios Georgios Vrahassotis is located in a really wonderful and forest location, Four kilometres beyond Vrahassi as well as Five kilometres within the national highway Heraklion – Ayios Nikolaos. However the asphalt road works remain awaiting, the off-road route is usually in a very excellent condition as well as the way is perfect for wandering. On the subsequent mountain route where you could march on foot or drive by jeep or quad bike, you can reach the Akilakes Forest… learn more